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  Thursday, 03/09/2015 Month ago Year ago
Value 3.034,99 2.786,48 3.043,11
Change 2,09% 8,92% -0,27%

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Day Date Value Change Change (%)
Thursday 03/09/15 3.034,99 62,20 2,09%

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About MONEXPIF Index

Aiming to bring the stock market closer to the general public, in terms of expectations and trend predictions, Montenegro Stock Exchange has introduced a new market index called MONEXPIF.

MONEXPIF is an index based on the intuition of market stakeholders, whose purpose is to introduce the public to the events on the market and their expectations.

Montenegro Stock Exchange will involve all relevant factors, such as brokers, institutionalized investors, university, institutes, press and esteemed individuals, into the voting process, aiming to encapsulate various perspectives, angles and attitudes into the calculation of this indicator.

MONEXPIF is calculated by quantifying the votes of all participants with a defined pondering scale. It is published in the last week of the current month and is valid for the coming month. Votes are collected from three groups of voters. Five broker companies, three institutions as well as three users of our Web monitoring service are partaking in the poll. In the next phase, voting will be possible for users of mobile phones via sms and visitors of our web site. Broker companies are entitled to two votes, one being the vote of the CEO and the other of a selected broker, while other participants are entitled to one vote each. Selection of broker companies is randomized, and the broker who took the poll for the previous month will not be allowed to do it in the next month. Vote results are represented by a chart and are published on our web site, together with the list of all participants.

To make sure that the process and its results are meaningful, at least six votes need to be cast, out of which three need to come from brokers, and the other three from other participants.

The base value of MONEXPIF is 100 points and it ranges from 0 to 200 points, while market expectations are rated using values below and above 100.

An expected value above 100 represents an expectation of positive, i.e. growing market activites, whereas a value below 100 represents an expectation of recession in market activites. A vote with a value of 100 represents market stagnation.

MONEXPIF calculation has started in February 2007.